Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Time to come back to blogging!

Geeze looking over all my older posts makes me laugh. Oh how time passes and things change and stay the same!! I have been busy chugging ahead with inspired lurches and made some major changes to my style over the past few years. My technique is getting closer and closer to where I want to go with my art. I am interested to explore some new subjects as well as pull some up from my past.

I have a few new models that are fueling my work these days and they themselves are inspiring people too!! One is a photographer who is sharing some images with me to work from which is very nice of her since she is SO talented! Another has fantastic world views, can hold a fabulous conversation and an interesting face to boot :-D And last but most defiantly not least is a good friend of mine who I have started to do some experimental works of her and myself, can't wait till our next photoshoot! So thank you to these interesting folks.

I am looking into doing a few shows in the near future with a fellow artist and possibly two smaller shows which hopefully will work out! *fingers crossed*

Spring is such an inspirational time for me, watching my perennials coming up from their long winter's sleep makes me feel sooo good and fresh. Hopefully it will be a time of artistic growth as well. I am finding all sorts of new musical artists to listen to, again very inspiring to hear such talent! If you have never used before, you really ought to check it out! They have internet radio centered around artists or styles of music you like. So many interesting groups that I never knew of before are now some of my favorites!

Well it's late and I am all tired out for the night so I will leave you with my recent portrait in watercolor Sepia. Good night to all!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

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Onto something!

Yes that's right, I think I am onto something these days! I think there is some sort of subject in my work without my intention! I think I am thinking about people's secret lives, who they really are beneath the skin and don't show anyone. What they know about the world, the secrets, the truths, what they know about themselves. Mmmm yes I think that might be it.

I know there is a lot of myself I just don't share with the world, granted that often leads to people around me not really understanding me. I think people often have this view that I am some fragile and sad little person, nothing could be more from the truth! I really am quite content with myself, I am generally a very happy and inspired person, much stronger than people would think. I have my views of the world and don't like to shy away from strong emotions though in the end I really am content. So I must conclude there is more to people than what we see from the outside.

My paintings just seem to be painting themselves these days which I think speaks of this underlying idea of the unavowed. This inside world just seems to fuel me. Maybe it's a way for me to explore myself through study of others. Well I should stop now and get to my easel, sitting there with my newest creation... larger than life! One has to love the empty and yet not moments of painting bliss when everything else in the world melts away and all you see is color, lines, shadows and soul discovery.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Red, red, RED!

Hello hello! I am in a great mood today, I just finished a really great painting! I did something I haven't done in a VERY long time.... play and try things! Well ok so I do that frequently but not so much in my art :-P It feels good to have just let go and tried something scary! Not to mention have it turn out! :-O

Hmmm not sure why the color isn't coming out well on the net but it's crazy red LOL! Blinding red! NOT like most of my works that are browns, blacks and soft skin tones LOL This is WILD for me LOL Hey it was good fun though! It feels good to have just tried some ideas that I've had for a while. I plan to do more like this with strong color. Of course to contrast that I also finished a painting of the same girl in an old barn LOL that is more neutral tones and spooky. Hey it's just fun to play, what is an artist who doesn't keep searching themselves!

So Ian and I finished re-arranging the apartment so I could have a better space to work. Wow what amazing light in my new work space! Two big windows! Better than painting in the kitchen LOL... mmm plus now I am right beside a heater.... will be nice for the winter months!

My b-day is in less than a week... going to be 27! Time flys! Not so bad really, maybe 27 will be a good year for me :-D Some things certainly seem to be coming together. I am planning to have just a few friends over and make a pile of Indian food, easy and fun. Sit and chit chat and maybe make some mulled wine to warm us up. Good to have friends to warm up with on cold days, good food and good talks make for fine memories!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Creativity and nostalga are flourishing along with the fall colors!

Well things seem to be looking up a bit LOL after two shit weeks I finally feel things are back in line. Back to painting and doing a good job of it too! Not to be boasting LOL I am so happy to see the amazing colors developing outside, it's really inspiring. I am really getting into the fall mode, Halloween and yummy hardy warm soups :-) It's such a great time of year.

I always feel so nostalgic with the cooling air. It makes me think of playing in leaves (on all fours LOL) with soft, pale yellow sweaters on. Just the smell of the leaves is so beautiful. It's really quite remarkable how the human mind works. I feel like I am back to being 4 years old with all the comfort in the world. Mom and dad took care of everything, all I had to do was discover the world. LOL ok I sound very melancholy but really it's great to have memories like that. Coming in from the cold, taking a warm bath, cuddling in PJs on the couch then having dad's hot Veggie soup. Boy, I really did have a great childhood. Maybe a little too pampered! I do look forward to giving the gift of comfort to my children that I was given as a child.

I am feeling very inspired, lots of painting. I am working from the photos I took of my friend in her spooky old barn. The new pastel is really working out well. I think they will make a great series. Sort of her creepy hide out, a little retreated space to think. Lots of character. I am also looking forward to painting a few new models this fall. I am lucky to have people so willing to pose for me!! Also hubby and I are discussing re-arranging our home so I can have a better space to paint in. It's rather exciting! The new place I MIGHT move my work to would have much better lighting and many shelves to arrange my supplies. Not that I have a problem with painting in the kitchen LOL I do think this new space would be a great place until the studio will be ready, which may take a few years to save up enough to construct properly. I guess we will see what happens.

Well I guess that's it for now. Just happy the air feels lighter now, not so much sad and not so much negativity. Off to finish my work for the day then have a warm bath! :-P

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Writing on a rainy day.

It's so wet, cold and gray out... hard to be inspired today. I am trying to get inspired to work and so far it's a no go :-S I did look through some poetry I have written though. Funny how things just come to me, words just form sometimes to describe how I am feeling. When I look back on my writings(poetry) it always kind of surprises me. It takes me to that exact emotion that was present when I wrote. Part of me feels like sharing but then part of me is scared to see what people think... also if people even care to know how I feel. I suppose same goes for my artwork, do people really care to hang it and will they feel what I felt when I painted it.

Hmmph LOL can you tell I am in such a lovely mood?! Normally I am much more cheery and more inspired just having a few off days of self doubt. Ah well it will pass. Maybe I will just do another still life today, seems to keep my mind more neutral and just inquisitive about light, shape, color etc. I feel I really need to get the energies back to normal... something is off in the air these days.

On a lighter note my new porch is just amazing. It has a great view and has plenty of space to set table and chairs out for coffee outside... my own little cafe! The sun is trying to come through the rain. Hopefully my world will right itself. Off to sketch!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Emotions like the falling leaves

Wow it's been a crazy week... not seeming to calm down yet. Still being very creative with lots of new ideas. It's weird sometimes when life throws you for a loop emotionally. I am always surprised at how fast and frequently our lives take turns. Anyways needless to say it's been one of those weeks.... ups and big downs. It is really nice to see the fall coming in. Smells like fall, those maple leaves and their sweet earthy scent. Makes me feel like cooking.

Cooking is so amazing, I feel good when I play with beautiful veggies from the garden which we cultivated. Creating something that is good for myself seems to be like a meditation, it's creating for pleasure and for health.. not a bad deal at all!! It's so great to see the huge variety that we gardened, so much amazing food to try new recipes! Just to state it now my absolutely FAVORITE cookbook is : Passionate Vegetarian by Crescent Dragonwagon. Ok so her name is a bit comical BUT she REALLY knows her stuff! She is very experimental with food. To be honest every recipe my husband and I have tried from this book has been a BIG success. I have to say the one recipe that sold the book to me was Braised Red Cabbage with Onions and Apples in Red-wine and Cranberry Sauce! Yum YUM! Today I am trying a beet recipe with sweet and sour creamy beets!

Check it out! This is really a MUST HAVE for people who are vegetarian or who like to cook Vagetarian.

Well anyways I am hoping this week will be better than last with less ups and downs. The karma has just been out of whack... maybe the magic of fall will balance things out. My big fuzzy cat sitting by my side seems to think better times are to come. Now back to my cooking!! :-D