Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Time to come back to blogging!

Geeze looking over all my older posts makes me laugh. Oh how time passes and things change and stay the same!! I have been busy chugging ahead with inspired lurches and made some major changes to my style over the past few years. My technique is getting closer and closer to where I want to go with my art. I am interested to explore some new subjects as well as pull some up from my past.

I have a few new models that are fueling my work these days and they themselves are inspiring people too!! One is a photographer who is sharing some images with me to work from which is very nice of her since she is SO talented! Another has fantastic world views, can hold a fabulous conversation and an interesting face to boot :-D And last but most defiantly not least is a good friend of mine who I have started to do some experimental works of her and myself, can't wait till our next photoshoot! So thank you to these interesting folks.

I am looking into doing a few shows in the near future with a fellow artist and possibly two smaller shows which hopefully will work out! *fingers crossed*

Spring is such an inspirational time for me, watching my perennials coming up from their long winter's sleep makes me feel sooo good and fresh. Hopefully it will be a time of artistic growth as well. I am finding all sorts of new musical artists to listen to, again very inspiring to hear such talent! If you have never used before, you really ought to check it out! They have internet radio centered around artists or styles of music you like. So many interesting groups that I never knew of before are now some of my favorites!

Well it's late and I am all tired out for the night so I will leave you with my recent portrait in watercolor Sepia. Good night to all!!

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